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2022 Coding Curriculum Briefing Document (open to all degree-level students)


2022 Coding Curriculum Moodle link for UCL students

Schools Outreach at UCL Computer Science - background and information

Past Materials - Coding Curriculum @ UCL Computer Science and SchoolsLab - tutorials in Python,HTML/JS and for Arduino/Engduino/TouchDevelop (2015+)


Tools and Materials for ICT Teachers

ISpy and Push-Python materials

UCL Engduino - an all-in-one Arduino board with programming starter guides

UCL MotionInput for Windows - teaching with touchless computing (webcam+PC) - this Windows application allows you to use any projection screen or PC monitor as a touch-free whiteboard

Machine Learning for Kids - Dale Lane, IBM (presented in March 2021)


Part of the UCL SchoolsLab outreach project at UCL Computer Science, to identify needs and gaps in ICT education.

Coding Curriculum is a growing free resource for primary and secondary schools, teachers and students to run exercises and tutorials in Programming concepts and Computer Science topics.

Tutorials and tools have been developed by UCL staff and students.


Schools Outreach Programme led by Rae Harbird, Prof Steve Hailes, Sensor Systems Group, Tech Support Group, Advanced Teaching Group, UCL AI Centre, and others at UCL Computer Science.

Activities for schools (2022+) will be assisted by the UCL Computer Science Society.

If you are from a primary or secondary school and would like to take part, have comments, suggestions and feedback, please do get in touch.


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